Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angry cat and panda is angry

Ini entry geram,ini entry marah. Why you have to make it complicated? Why OH why?

No,there are no real story behind that statement (or are there?) Nevermind bout that, harini aku nak bercerita. Atau mengeluh. Being a very optimistic person isn't as easy as it seems. Pretending to be okay all the time in real life is the toughest things to do and there are not many people can achieve that.

Remember, kadang kadang we have hearts too. We have our own problems too. Can you stop and listen to us like we did to you? Holding a straight happy face in front of you isn't easy as it seems.  And remember,making your problems complicated that it already is also bot gonna make things easier for us.

Past isn't something that we can hold forever. There are reasons why time exist. Or why human memories depreciated over times. Past is something that we should put behind us,just to look at it back if something's arise in the future, dont put all the blame on the past. Human change. You change, i change. Everybody's evolving whether you like it or not. We are not the same as we are 10 years ago,or 1 years ago. Or even 1 day ago.

Despite that,HEARTS is something that will or will not change entirely. It's up to the holder. Holder,not the bearer. You can give your heart to someone to hold it,but you always bear your heart no matter what happens. You're in complete control of it. Human changes,hearts don't.

Wait,mana part marah aku? Oh wai,it isn't here. I aint even mad. But i'm tired of all this endless charade that happening around me. I'm not talking bout you, or you. Or even you. I'm talking straight to myself here. If i wanna talk to you or you. There's twitter. Oh wait. I have no fre... nevermind.

I know problems will and always come to us. There are a lot of  problems. Family problems,financial problems,bf/gf problems,friends problem or even studying problems. That's why you need to take it head on and continue with your life. But wait,there's also another way. Running away from problems works best IF AND ONLY IF you can bear with it for the rest of your life. Other than that? No. Life doesn't work that way.

Dah la,this entry is so depressing or pointless. AGAIN. I'm not talking to anybody nor to anybody.

"Wearing a mask for too long will make you lose your original identity."

I hope its true,

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