Saturday, May 19, 2012


Being controlled isn't fun. Being a guy who you are not isn't easy. But why,and i still wondered,why feeq? Why?

All of us are still being controlled. Goverment,parents,bf/gf,college and etc and most of us doesn't like it right?
Being controlled by something is a very good things. What if there are no goverment? No laws? No parents? No limitation? 

But wait,it's against the human nature to be controlled all the time. Don't lie. You don't like to be controlled too right? RIGHT? Being able to make your own decisions is a very wonderful feelings. We do need help,we do need guide's but there's always a limit.

Crossing this limits means you're looking for trouble. Have you ever felt how it's like when someone tried to ask bout everything in your life? Trying to hold you from doing something that you likes? Picks your friends for you? Stopping you from being able to do what you want?

If you know how it is. Well,stop doing that to other people. We also need our own space. I don't care who you are to me,i don't care what you are to me. Just stop.  What would you feel is someone asking you for every single things that you do? Questioning every move that you make?

 Chained to something that are not even sure of you. Stop it. Just stop it.

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