Saturday, September 25, 2010

battle with myself

Emotionally unstable.

So many things happen to me lately and i'm trying my best to think that I'm okay eventhough i'm not.I tried to be cool around my college friends,to smile with them,to laugh with them eventhough something are really-really not okay in here.I tried to sound okay when i chatted with my friend through any instant messenger.I even advised my friend who had their own problem.Little that anyone know,that I'm dying here.With my MidTerm exam coming up,my financial problem,my relationship problem,its a little to much for me.

Physically tired.

Went to bed at 5-6 a.m and wake up at 11 a.m.Doing useless exercise somemore.I need more rest.Or what i need is discipline.What ever it is,i'm always pushing my limit.Don't have energy anymore right now.

1 comment:

wany said...

feeeqq! i know you will be okay one day.wany doakan feeq kuat dalam emnempuhi semua ni.and pls dun push urself sayang..kesian lah kat badan tu okay.thats y myb kite penat sgt, kite leh jadi emotionally unstable.myb this is a hard time for you.but im always here for u feeq..<3 ingat tu okay.