Tuesday, August 4, 2009

At Its Peaks!

With all my housemate left me this morning going to their classes,(my class cancel,yey!)
i got nearly nothing to do..
i woke up at 9a.m(kinda),went straight to bathroom..
after that,i grab my mp3 player and then..IT HAPPENS!

I start thinking about home(again!),just when i thought everything was perfect,no more home sickness..it happens..
i start remember about my ppc,my bed,my ps2 but not my family XD
i also start remember and missing all my families..
my dad,my mom,my sis and my cat~(hope's still there)

everytime i said that i feel no more homesick..
thats a total lie,thats just me trying to cover up my feeling with my ego..
and today,for the first time..i cry XD
(dont blame me,perfect condition,no one there,nothing in my room,sad song haha XD)

damn,i miss home so much,despite my previous post that i said i hate home..
no im not,im dying to go home..

said whatever u like,im the last child,manja right? yeah i agree..
i dunno why i dont pick a college near my house..
im thinking get the hell out from this place..
back to kedah,gat back to all the comfort i had before..
get back the feeling i had in the last 7month (or 8month)

i wanna stay up late again..
i wanna online using MY COMPUTER again..
i wanna hang out with my school friends again..
i wanna sleep on my bed again..
i wanna eat my mother cookings again..


(lisa,mase tu aku cover gile sore aku..haha XD)


NurAreefah said...

feeq! u make me touching..hoho..
i miss them too..

but i know u strong.come on la syafeeq!!

asha kim said...

awww...how sweeet!! (bkn sng nak cari laki y nk ngaku bende2 camni.)

izrin_anis said...

wahh...bleh jadik jejake idaman neh..terharu bacer seyh...
semoge ko xhome+tenet sick...
ko homesick jom kuaq jalan2...

N E E q L I S A said...

larh. tgh nanges ke tyme uh?
nape x ckp? haha.
ley aku comfortkan,.
caring seyh aku... ni kn? hahaa.
rilek la feeq.
sbr k. u can do it.
lawan perasaan uh.

jom hang out. ;P