Monday, July 27, 2015


Welp.  Two years without an entry.  Hi feeq.  You're back, i'll let you know about what's missing between 2 years (spoiler:nothing) but for now, I need to let my heart screams.

Have you ever felt cheated? Have you ever felt you're not good enough?  Have you ever felt that it is all a lies?  Have you ever felt that you make the wrong decisions? Have you ever felt like you need a time machine?  I felt all of it.

I thought we had everything.  I thought we were invincible.  I thought we are meant to be.  I thought that you are the one.  I thought that this is the beginning to the never-ending story.  And i never thought i am wrong.  Deeply wrong.

How could you let this be?  After all this while, i still can't capture what i want the most from you. Your heart. I want your heart. But no.  I can't.  This is all a lie. 

Why would you do this feeq?  How can you let your life slip out of your control?  What will you do now?  What can you do now?  You have no control over the situations.

I feel betrayed.

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