Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clone , Titan , Love life.

Hey there, Entah kenapa harini tetiba rasa nak menulis something. Come on feeq,think something to write. Think something clever. Short but clever. Nope didn't have anything to write. Okay bye.

 Ah okay,how about these new apps that's i've been experimenting? OR how about an overview about Attack on Titan?  Or this new love? (jeng jeng jeng)

 How about all of the above? One each paragraph,ok that's better. It's not like kau update this blog everyday pun feeq.

 But first i need my usb cable to transfer some of the photos from my phone for this entry. Tak syoklah takde gambar ye tak? Oh wait mana cable. Oh okay. Found it. Gosh why kena tulis ni feeq? this isn't twitter. #BloggersPerluTahu

 Haritu nampak satu gambar kat instagram ni, dia macam clone kan diri dia, macam cool lah. Feeq tanya lah apps apa namanya tapi si tuan punya tak jawab. Takpelah, bukannya tak reti google kan, so gua cari lah apps dekat android. Banyak namanya split camera, dubbler dan banyak lagi lah. Tapi tak syok dan susah guna. Sampailah ternampak satu apps ni. Nampak cantik tapi kena bayar lah. Clone Camera namanya. Untuk noob photoshop cam feeq ni memang okay sangatlah kan. So ni link playstore kalau korang nak tengok tengok Click SINI. Tapi kena bayarlah. Support ori,kalau nak pirate carilah sendiri, hang ingat feeq hang punya hamba ka nak cari? Takde lah. Here it is click here untuk jack sparrow version .

Dua resaksa berlawanan menggunakan clone camera

Ok next, Attack On Titan. Mula mula i heard this from one of my friend. She said this is probably the best anime in 2013. I heard her. I didn't care at first because I'm not an anime person sangat. Yes i watch Naruto,Bleach,One Piece and FairyTail but nampak tak, i just watched mainstream anime. That is until i saw couple of post about Attack On Titan on 9Gag and Just i decided to try it la. It's about the Hero called Eren who's determined to kill all the titan after they killed his mother. Humankind faced a new enemy called titan ranging from 5 metre to (spoiler) 50 metre human-like monster. These titan just killed human with no absolute reasons. And that forced the remaining survivor to build a city protected by a hugeeeeeee wall surrounding their city. Ye la to halang those titan from entering the city. For 100 years no titan has ever comes into the city. That is until...go watch it yourself la. I give this anime 10/10. Every episode ada killer moment dia. I mean EVERY SINGLE DAMN EPISODE.

This is them if it was real. Imagine this thing chews your  own mother right in front of you.

And for those who are confused, don't worry. I am too. Things just gone complicated. This picture right here gonna make it even complicated,it'll break some heart and makes the other one whole, but hey, just chillout and enjoy life okay? A little drama here and there couldn't hurt.

Comelnya laki tu <3


redribbon said...

hehehe.i see what you did there.

pEacEmaKer said...

homaigooood... amboi daring... i nak jeles aci x? hehee

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