Saturday, October 29, 2011

Up and Downs

WHY? I just went out with her. NOT alone,NOT just two of us but there's 5 of us in total. I'm expanding my friends. She's my first friend from Sabah. GOD help me,WHY this is happening to me?

Here's the thing,4 days ago,my best friend from my school ask me to lepak with him on Friday. I was like,oh okay,he does help me alot. So i checked my schedule and it seems that Friday petang i am quite free. So i agreed to jumpa him.

3 days ago, I'm in front of my pc,tweeting with all the person like always,keep on mentioning god know who and out of blue i ask a girl to go out with me WITH my friends. I don't know why i ask her,just feels like meeting her in real life instead of just twitter. She did take her time to confirm with me though.

Friday morning came and she agreed to meet me at KL Central WITH my friend. And why the hell i'm writing in English? Dipendekkan cerita,i met her at at KL central before my that bloody fat ass friend of mine joined us 15 minutes later.

Then kitorang went to KFC and makan2 there while waiting for another Uia fella to join us. 4.45pm,that fella sampai kfc and we headed to Midvalley. And masa kitorang dekat the lower level of KL Central waiting for train to Midvalley to come,that Uia fella jumpa 2 of her friends which later join us. And like always,there are announcement bout the delays of train to midvalley.

So the 6 of us patah balik and took the LRT(yang tingkat atas is LRT right?) pergi Bangsar sebelum take a cab pergi Midvalley. There are 6 of us so we took 2 cab lah. Sampai midvalley je,one of Uia's friends tu pergi mane ntah. Tinggal lah kitorang berlima.

Thennnnnnnnnnn,kitorang pergi jalan2 cari an instrument for the uia girl ni. Nak jadi Yuna i think. HAHA. then pusing2 Midvalley sebelum main bowling. Main bowling,i won like always (HAHA) then kitorang jumpa dekat upper level foodcourt makan2 kejap before balik.

Then masing2 balik and around 10.15 p.m i reached my hostel. Mandi,mayank then i opened my twitter.
I don't wanna cerita what happened. But it happened. You know it if you had my twitter. Truth to be told,i think i'm losing one of my new friends. I hope dia tak terasa. And i hope you also x terasa.

Nothing happened between two of us (i think). And i don't think she will go out with me ever again. Sigh.
And to whoever read this,please don't ask me bout it. No exception to anybody. Thanks.

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