Wednesday, June 22, 2011


At last,my final exam's over. Usually when we are on our last paper for the examination,we're excited right? Not this time.At least for me. After finishing my final exam,I've got to complete my assignment,do a presentation and my biggest problem are,my intership training. I don't even know where to go although next week is the 1st week.Hell yeah,i'm not gonna talk about that anymore.It is fucuk me up upside down.

And,like always,a paragraph about playstation.Playstation 3 which i crave so much in my past life(wtf past life?) supposed to bring me happiness,supposed to be a place where i can release my tension.But. It's my main problem from the beginning.
It IS ruining my life. I'm thinking of selling it.Ipad 2 is good?

And before i take my leave, just wanna update you guys, Nokia N9 is out, Android 3.2 is on the way and Ios5 is jailbroken.

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