Friday, June 3, 2011

depending on others?

Here it is,i don't know why and i certainly don't wanna know why i'm having a super hyper bad day today. Not only today,but yesterday as well.Frankly speaking,i'm not feeling so good now,i refuse to talk to anyone if i can.but hell yeah,unfortunately i can't live alone.

Let's start with yesterdayo,i'm feeling like wanna type in malay now,but idk why i'm still typing in english. I'm supposed to send my assignment complete with demo video for my network perimeter assignment. One group consist of two people and i'm with,err,let us called him A.
Two days ago,when i ask him,can you do the video for the assignment,he said he know bla3 so he said he can.I told him if he can't,just say can't,we can ask the lecturer to postponed it for us or something,but he CONFIDENTLY says he don't want to postponed it.(since we're already a group on the other assignment before which i complete it in nearly 90% of the assignment,he said he will do this assignment alone)So,a day before we need to send the assignment,
I relaxly sleep lah that petang. When i woke up,i ask him,the assignment is started or not. He said he just finishing some movies watching on his laptop. I was like,oh okay,as long as know know what to do later.Then at 10-11pm,i ask him to do the assignment,i volunteer to help him a bit.Then after i read a bit bout this and that,i said to him,i can't do this,its out of my league.Since he said he already read this long time before and research bla3 so i think he can do it.
Until he said he can't. i was like,what the f? you said you can do this? he said,ni linux kott.Then he thinks i know linux?

And the day after that,thank god our lecturer permit us to postponed that presentation and videos,for half a day,i'm like a crazy person thinks how to do that assignment,at last,nearly at 6pm(i've started since 830 A.M)i managed to do it,ALONE.When i was doing that,he said that he's reading something bout the assignment.zzz.
That's the last time i depend on him,or to be in a group with him again. No offense.We're still a friend,a good one,but not a groupmate anymore.

So,yesterday night,when i am alone in the room,i decided to do my laundry.After the washing machine finished cuci-ing my baju,i sidai it on at the outside of the room.
My college got some site(or compartment?) to sidai our baju there.Since there are no hilang baju cases yet that i heard,so i always trust gmi student not to curi my cloth.

Then,this morning,I've ask the seller(i bought a game from yesterday) bout my tracking number. He said he forgot to give it to me.So he said later he bagi la.I said ok lah,since it's still 10am like that.I need the tracking number to make sure where is my parcel. I scared that the parcel may have reach the gmi but the gmi staff may not be calling me. (all of our stuff are sent to gmi office) so at 12 cmtu i ask him again,he still said wait2,then i ask my..err.lets call her B. B to call the seller,or should i say C? ok. B is my friend and C is the seller. So B called C and ask about my parcel number,luckily 10minutes after that i got my parcel number.

i checked it at the skynet website,it says not in database. so,i was like okay then,skynet selalu like that.
Then i ask my friend B to called gmi to ask for the package.She said wait 30minutes,so i waits eagerly for her.till when it was 4pm (which is 35minutes after that) she said she cannot called them on some reason.i was like wtfffffffffffff...i shud never depend on her on the first place.but takpe,i don't care.i still have my last option left.

i ask mama to called the skynet itself and give her the parcel number.Shortly after that,mama called me,said that skynet itself couldnt detect that number so that number must be mistaken.She asked me to ask the seller.
so i ask the seller again bout my tracking number,he said he received that on sms too,he's friend gave it to him since he's not at office.and  he said later he give me the number. till now,still no news.i know i can't be cheated since he's actually own a shop and has being doing business for agak lama at

So,it was hell a bad day for me.since i can't get my game today..i was waiting for it like crazyyyyyy.
Unfortunately,it doesnt stop there.YES,i'm malang in every possible way today. When i angkat baju yang tengah disidai,i notice that two of my shirt(one of it is still super duper newww) is missingggg.
arghhhhh..i shud never have trust on you gmi student! you guys betrayed meeee! if i nampak anyone who wears my baju,you're DEAD!!

it was an emotional entry this one.and i don't even care bout my english.i'm feeling like dying =.="

so for short;
i tak siap my assignment because i depend on someone.
baju i kena curi because i depend on someone not to curi.
i x called gmi because i depend on someone so i couldnt get my game.

i shud never ever depend on someone anymore after this.
this is my last.

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