Sunday, May 1, 2011

So, you think your family sucks?

These days there are so many of those fortunate kids that whining about how terrible their family is. I'm sick of it. They should see how horrible my family is before they start whining.

In my family there are my father whom works as lower middle income blue collar shitty slave, my mom that stays at home as housewife, my brother whom still studying and I'm the youngest in the family.

My father is useless guy that don't have any ambition or backbone. He worked 8 hours every day and have to cramp with other people in the train to work for some pathetic salary. Yet all those money in the end are handed to my mother without any objection. He's also always day-dreaming about being some playboy which is ridiculous for a father and a husband. And the worst part is every time he went to bath with my brother, both of them will show out their manhood and swing it like some gay pervert without any shame. And my mom, that horrible sloth who supposed to take care of the family. She's also a bad financial planner whom always managed to make herself broke with meaningless shopping spree. Every time my brother did something wrong, she would punish him physically.

And now the crown jewel of epic horrible family member, my damn brother. He's a most perverted person I've ever seen. Whenever a beautiful girl appear, he would drool over them and try to tackle them even though he ain't got a shot. But he did have a serious crush on a girl that is older....way older than him where he would actually become shy which is weird. I'm also suspect he's a nudist, not only because he swing his d1ck back and forth with my father but even his schoolmate complain that he always dropped his pants just to irritate one of his friend or mooning his ass to a total stranger. I also suspect he's a furry fagg0t that like to dress up as some animal from time to time. And he's apparently also as lazy as my mom because he always didn't walk our white fluffy dog when he should be and instead run off to the park or some shit, and to think that dog actually still loyal to my brother and love him.

Oh yeah he's favorite superhero is "Action Kamen" and apparently he study in Sunflower class at Futaba Kindergarten.


nurus said...

tu betul2 ke? hoho

syafeeq faXys said...

tak lah,itu keluarga sin chan la.

tgk line bawah sekali cita tu.

omaipo said...

futaba kindergarten. cish!

Anonymous said...

True story, not cool story brah.

Spread the love.

From : JunWisewar

syafeeq faXys said...

JunWisewar. Credit to him for this amazing story :D

liyana said...

hehe..nice story..
klu org x bce ayt last tu..
msti dieorg ingt ksh ni ksh syafeeq..