Friday, May 6, 2011

Dance fever?

No,this entry is not about dance at all.In fact,it has nothing to do with dance.Only fever.Since i never update about my journey to the KL Book Fair,I really can't make you understand bout my condition.

Ok,this is the short-version one.HAHA. Last scaturday,i went to PWTC with Ameer,one of my roomate. The journey took about 45 minutes from the UKM ktm station to Putra Station,then,we were "greeted" by massive amount of people in the station.Seriously,the station itself is more packed than the book fair. It took me about 15 excruciating minutes to get the hell out from that station.
ini di dalam

ini di luar

Then,i went to the bookfair,buy 10 visual novels,err,comic if you like..and eats at The Mall beside the PWTC before coming home.The fair itself is kinda packed with Malay nerdy chicks that come with their family.Luckily,there are not mat rempit or any of his kind I found in there.I wonder why? XD

The next day,my mom took me from my super freaking hellish hostel and bring me to my sister house at Putrajaya,I did nothing there except online-ing till 6 a.m.
At 9.30,my mother wakes me up and ask me to join my family to visit my uncle go to Ikea.I just nod and mandi2 before takes a breakfast with nasi lemak.

I went to Ikea,like always,nothing interest me.Except the fact that i can checked in @foursquare with other 56 users XD Then i went to lunch at Gardens in The Curve,classy, but as always,overpriced.

After that,my family sent me to my hostel again..

And long story short,i got only 3 days before my assignment deadline.The task are? Construct a website by using html,no copy paste allowed! So,i went crazy in the next 3 days.Results? Cool website has been emerged.Bad results? I have a fever,a bad one too.Maybe because i have no enough rest.

I took panadol soluble,panadol and strepsils for the past two days but nothing prevails.I hope that i would be okay by tomorrow.wish me health!health?

since the title is dance fever,i gove you one dance vid.I want thisssss T.T
Donate me RM 190 pleaseee..

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