Friday, April 29, 2011


The picture describe me best.I wanna sleep but I just can't.I have teh winrar internet!

I still did'nt finish all of my assignment yet.In fact,I'd do nothing for the past
few hours.Chatting and facebook is all I do. Tried to photoshop a few pictures for my blog heading and background.And as you've seen it,its still does'nt change.Means,its a failure.

With PSN down,there's nearly nothing I can do with my PS3.It just sits there like its an unimportant things in my life.Poor playstation.muchie3.

And most importantly,MARA still does'nt bank in my allowance YET! Tak buat kerja kah? I wanna buyyy..err.can't buy anything for me this month.Though I've seen a major price drop for Dance-Dance Revolution Bundle(which include it's dance mat) from myr320 to astonishing 190myr.Must sabar lah!Hope the price will not change til next month.

Okay,enough bebel-ing. Morning!

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