Thursday, April 28, 2011

little update

this is my captured pikachu,poor him.

So after nearly-extreme-longfully-2-nearly-3-month i did'nt update this blog,today i think i wanna write something on this blog.

first,i'm dying because of Sony shutdown the PSN(playstation network) for more than a week already.They shut that temporarily because of "external intrusion" a.k.a hackers attack.Now i can't play online in my Need For Speed Hot Persuit.

Talking about hacking,today i got another hacking-thingy assignment from Sir Hafiz.We were assigned to describe and slide-presenting a hacking tool/program and how to overcome it.Any idea guys? Some pick buffer overflow,dns spoofing,SYN flooding,ip spoofing but i still can't find any for me.argh.Next week,i have to submit my html assignment too.

Anddd,i just watched CUN! in my class with some of my classmates and my lecturer. Not a bad malay movie,it reminds me of my home state,kedah.The actor and actresses also are not bad.Maya karin cun like always,her PA(which i don't know her name is also quite cun).Overall not a bad movie.I give 3/5 for the movie.

I think i should cut my hair also,too serabai sangat.When I bangun pagi and watch the mirror,looks like a lion already.

That's it and see you next time! (I should got my allowance today,so i think i can reactivate my own broadband back tomorrow xD)

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