Saturday, August 15, 2009

melodies of life

somehow,in this entry.I'll write about songs.It's just what i wanted to
(lots of free time actually)

According to the (some of the) dictionary,the meaning of a song is "a short piece of music with words for singing".Basically a song is a music plus voice(words).Let me break it into an equation for you.

(ok,lame equation,i know)

A song can change how we feel at the moment.It can alter our emotional into something else.You can be sad IF u heard a sad song that is played on a radio right? But i dont think its the most effective way to be sad or happy by using a song =.=" BUT if you does"nt have anything to do,want to be emotional for some reasons,here's the tip..

First,grab your mp3,mp4,ipod,handphone,iphone or turn on your pc..(basically turn on whatever media that you have)Then,pick the MOST saddest song that you think.Here's the trick,its the song of sadness that YOU THINK,not what the worls think.It can be a slow song,a jazz song, atrance song,even a rock or hiphop song can be sad..

Another things about song is it makes us remember someone.For me, I tried to connect a song to everybodies who close with me.Here's an example;

Eyes on me(FF8) -makes me remember about my bff
you belong with me -about 2 91 group members
Bencinta -about a girl who' really mad at me now =.="
Kenangan Terindah -about my cat, i heard this song just efore he died
Aku Skandal -about,erm,I do think she's my first
Bila Aku Sudah Tiada -about my 2nd cat
Almost here -about my friend who always there for me.
My Way -about my twin XD

But not only a person or living things we can remember when we listen to a song.Even situation(or memories) can be recalled by listening to a certain song that HAD been affected our life before.Again,here's an example

Digimon/Pokemon theme - i feels like im 7 again
o2jam songs - i remember about being form 3 student
avenged sevenfold song - i remember about the feelings when taking spm XD
Final Fantasy song -i feel a nice comfort feeling,It fells like nothing could be wrong
School anthem - you guess it right,scholl time la..

what else,what else. I think thats all..SONGS are powerful if we know how to use it.NOT that powerful la(merapu je).Sorry for my bad english,i got band 5 for english lol..(tipu gile..muet pun aku x amik XD)btw dont just listen to the music 24/7.I know you got lot of assignment right?


wany said...


syafeeq said...

haha XD
welcome2 XD

wany said...

okay la tu dlm 5.ngeh3.hebat.tutor la.

:: FaE-ZaH :: said...

hoih dasat mu feeq...
xamik muet dpt band 5 lak...
dh tu kata xebat lak...
bukan senang org nk dpt band 5 feeq oii

N E E q L I S A said...

sorry for my BAD eng tp band 5?

kalo org band 3 cam aku neh, ape la agak nye eyh.
VERY VERY VERY bad la kot. hahaha.

syafeeq said...

hahaha,aku x amik muet,
aku tau la band 5 tu bagos.
tp bagos sgt ke kalo cmtu?