Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1 word..

at last aku tau sapa yg tulis tu..

at last aku jumpa org yg ckp tu..

1 word in the 2 blog..

walaupon kau xnk gtau..aku leh cari sendiri..

seriusly aku sakit hati n jeles..

kenapa aku sakit hati?

suka hati aku la..kisah apa kau?

but..what to do? aku xleh wat apa2...

just let it be..

im gonna forget this memory..

i hate this memory..

i wish i never knew this..

5am..sakit hati sorg2..sapa suruh?

why i read that?

why its so easy to find out what hurt me most?

why i'm the only one who always hurt?

why me?

why not u?

maybe because i meant nothing to u..

im just a friend..

a friend who always will be there when u need me,

but u not always there for me..

being good is still not enough..

wth should i be?

maybe myself is not enough for u..

im just wasting my time..

i dont care...

i have plenty of time..

but why its so excruciating?

1 word can make my life miserable..

its only take 1 word to turn my life upside down..

1 word is more than enough..

1 word had change my entire life...


ArepM said...

wat is da word?
i'm never know it...

kyna said...

weyh ang nape wey..???
tell me!!!

fa ; ) said...

kau npe nih feeq?

bihah said...

ko ok???

bihah said...

HAHAHAHAHHAH..aku tahu...

syafeeq said...

hahahaahahaha..ko memang terer XD

Anonymous said...

sangat misteri..
apakah wordnya?