Sunday, July 31, 2011

8 types of girl

Girl A- Demanding in terms of money
Her expectations: Buy her things, support her spendings, if she wants to go expensive salon/spa u pay because it's her effort to make herself pretty for u, u pay for her dinner, u pay for her beautiful gorgerous clothing, once you marry this girl, you pay EVERYTHING she spends, her car, her jewelry, her education, everything. She expects you to be financially responsible for her.
The goods: She doesn't mind if you have low self esteem, turn-off personality, crazy fetishes, faceproblem, she doesn't mind if you don't surprise her with your efforts (candle lit dinners, roses on the bed, sing song, write poems), she doesn't mind if your intelligence is lower than hers, she also doesn't mind anything at all about you- as long as you are responsible to her financially.
The bads: No money, no honey.

Girl B- Demanding in terms of effort
Her expectations: Celebrate anniversaries with really romantic movie-ish stuff, write songs for her, write poems, make hand made cards or hand made stuff, bake cookies together, call her whenever you go somewhere, tell her you love her everyday and do romantic stuff everyday. She wants something that spices her up everyday, she wants things to always be fresh, she also wants to be surprised often. She wants to be reminded that you love her, everyday.
The goods: You don't have to spend a lot of money to cheer her up, just your efforts will do. It doesn't matter if you have low confidence or emo personality, it doesn't matter if you're faceproblem, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, it doesn't matter if you like crazy sex. She doesn't mind anything at all about you- as long as you are able to keep up with your efforts throughout the relationship.
The bads: We all will reach one point where our relationship will cool down and our focus is on work/family, so need to tone down the romantic stuff abit. But she thinks otherwise...

Girl C- Demanding in terms of personality/behaviour
Her expectations: A proactive, positive and motivating personality from you. She wants you to be her idol, someone that inspires her. She couldn't tolerate personality that just doesn't click to her: i-e; she HATES it when you're lazying around and procrastinating or being emo and weak and all. She wants you to be her motivator, and she wants you to be her 'strong' figure that backs her up when she's down. She wants you to be able to bring back her spirit- she wants you to be her leader, she wants you to be funny, to be optimistic, and to be an 'upper' in the relationship.
The goods: You don't have to be rich, you don't have to be buff or handsome, you don't have to surprise her with romantic stuffs often. She accepts it if you don't pay for her things or don't surprise her often. She's okay with your kinky wishes. She doesn't mind anything at all- as long as you behave in a way that doesn't annoy her.
The bads: If you're naturally an emo pessimistic low self esteem no confidence guy, this will require you to change what you are to a brand new personality/behaviour if you want to be with her.

Girl D- Demanding in terms of intelligence
Her expectations: She love to be stimulated by philosophical views and challenging conversations. She love having debates and exchanging opinions with you. She's a very2 deep thinker, and she hates when you are shallow minded and not open to radical opinions. She basically hates it when your opinions are conservative and traditional, and you are not open minded. She gets bored easily with boring meaningless conversation. Also, you might also have to be smarter than her, in case if she asks something and wants you to answer it (example, she asks a religious question and she expects you to know the answer).
The goods: You don't have to be rich, you can be faceproblem, and you don't have to change your personality, and you certainly don't need to shower her with romantic stuffs. All she needs from you is for you to be smarter than her, and having wide perspective on things.
The bads: If she challenges you intellectually, it's a bad case. You don't wanna look stupid in front of your girl, don't cha?

Girl E- Demanding in terms of ability
Her expectations: You need to be able to do the things that she can't do. I.e- If she can't drive, she expects you to drive her anywhere she wants to go. If she can't change the lightbulb, she expects you to change it. You need to be able to do all of the things she can't do, and things that she wants you to do. I.e- if she wants you to change the tyre, you change it. If she wants you to fix her PC, you fix it. She expects you to have abilities that she doesn't have. And she likes someone who plays the guitar, you must go and learn the guitar. If she knows how to swim, well, you better know how to swim too. She asks you about the road in the city, you must know the answer to it too. She asks you to please her, you better know how to do that well.
The goods: you don't have to be rich, don't have to be handsome, don't have to change your personality, don't have to have high intellect- you just gotta be Mr-know-how-to-do-it-all.
The bads: She rates you based on your performance.

Girl F- Demanding in terms of acceptance
Her expectations: If she's loyal, she expects you to be loyal too. She's fat, and she hopes you don't wish her to be any skinnier, because she likes herself the way she is. She's not pretty, and she hopes you don't wish her to be any prettier. She doesn't dress like a slut, and she hopes you not to make her dress like one just to please your eyes. She's not feminine, and she hopes you love her as much as she love her boyish side. She has weird tastes in fashion, and she expects you to be okay with it. She's not perfect, and she hopes you would accept her just as she is, and she will love you just as what you are.
The goods: All she asks from you is to accept her and try not to change her. Doesn't matter if you're ugly, poor, stupid, unable to do stuff, pessimistic, lazy or anything. You're not perfect, and neither is she. As long as you don't ask her to change herself, she won't ask you to change yourself too.
The bads: High chances that she doesn't exist, or if she does: it's very rare and she's probably ugly.

Girl G- Demanding in terms of appearance
Her expectations: You need to have a certain look and vibe that appeals to her. The way you dress, the way you style up your hair, the way you smell, the way you talk, and generally the way you look. She can't tolerate someone who dresses up messily or too 'selekeh'. She love it when you dresses prim and proper, cleans and trim your hairs, neat and having appeasing look. The way you look need to give her a sense of 'good feeling', probably sexually attractive or soothing for her eyes to see. Basically she expects you to present yourself well in terms of appearance, and the way you look is the one that will make her go crazy for you.
The goods: You can be poor, you can have awful personality, you can have no intelligence at all, but as long as you look appealing to her eyes, she'll stay.
The bads: Bad news for faceproblems.

Girl H- Demanding a prince charming.
Her expectations: You are able to fulfil her spendings, support her financially, you need to be able to be a romanticist, showering her with love, attention and surprises, you gotta be a able to melt her senses as you look at her, charm her with your wonderful personality and admirable behaviour, be her wikipedia and her source of knowledge, and be her mr know-how-to-do it all. In a sense, you are her prince charming, and she's your princess waiting to be rescued from whatever life she has now, and falls into your arm, madly in love with each other, and live happily ever after. In every picture, you should be perfect in her eyes.
The goods: Worth it if she will be forever hot, forever sexy, she accepts your dirty crazy fetishes, and she's perfect too in all ways.
The bads: Nobody's perfect, so she will turn out to be your hell.


nurus said...

hang rase2 aku yang mana satu? hahaha

syafeeq faXys said...

c dengan f kot?

ramai perempuan camtu rasanya.

Lisa N.Yusof said...

omg syafeeq!
this is sssoooo interesting! :)

btw, i think i want him to be rich man with personality!
pleaaaase tell him, would ya? :P

syafeeq faXys said...

Lisa suka C dengan A? wow. tak ramai akan kata dia suka A. I am impressed. haha.

I'll let him know. =P

Lisa N.Yusof said...

aku mmg suke duit. muahaha.